Virtual space of Amal Gupta
Current Readings

  • 'The Search' by 'John Battelle'
  • 'small is the new big' by 'Seth Godin'
  • 'Am I a Hindu?' by 'Ed Viswasnathan'
  • 'Imagining India' by Nandan Nilekani

Books Read

  • 'Maverick' by 'Ricardo Semler'.  Review comments at my blog site
  • 'My honeymoon with pinch of salt' by 'Virender Kapoor'.  Review comments at my blog site
  • 'Jalebi Management' by Shombit Sen Gupta
  • 'Seven habits of highly effective people' by Stephen Covey
  • 'Co-opetition' by 'Barry J. Nalebuff and Adam M. Bradenburger'
  • 'Bottom of Pyramids' by C.K.Prahlad
  • 'Burial at Sea' by 'Khuswant Singh'
  • 'One Minute Manager' by 'Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson'
  • 'Who moved my cheese' by 'Spencer Johnson'
  • 'Waiting for the Mahatma' by 'R.K. Narayan'
  • 'A Tiger for Malgudi' by 'R.K. Narayan'
  • 'The financial Expert' by 'R.K. Narayan'
  • 'Heart Mind over matter' by 'Virender Kapoor'
  • 'You can win' by 'Shiv Khera'
  • 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by 'Robert T. Kiyosaki'
  • 'The Customer-Centered Enterprise' by 'Harvey Thompson'
  • 'Becoming a high performance manager' by Harvard Business Review
Stocked books (To Be Read)

  • 'Build to Last' by 'James C. Collins & Jerry I. Porras'
  • 'Good to Great' by 'Jim Collins'
  • 'Count your chickens' by 'Arindam Chaudhari'
  • 'The present' by 'Spencer Johnson'